Exploring Decades of Ocean Surface Temperature Changes | Sea Temperature Animation

Dive into the dynamic world of ocean surface temperatures with this captivating animation spanning from September 1, 1981, to December 1, 2022. Witness the evolution of sea temperatures over the years, highlighting regions exceeding 30°C or dropping below 0°C. Additionally, explore the critical threshold of 26°C, a pivotal temperature often associated with the formation and intensification of tropical storms.

This visually stunning animation, based on data from NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information, reveals the fascinating interplay of climate patterns on our oceans. Join us on this scientific journey to better understand the changing face of our planet’s seas.

🌊 Key Highlights:

  • Observe temperature anomalies, identifying areas with temperatures surpassing 30°C (depicted in dark red) and dipping below 0°C (shown in blue).
  • Gain insights into significant climate events and trends impacting ocean surface temperatures.
  • Explore the intricate contours and patterns that tell the story of our changing climate.

📊 Data Source: NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information